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People that inspire me:Ido Portal

Imagine someone who decides to start learning an art at the age of 16. He quickly becomes one of the bests in his classroom but he is not satisfied with what he is learning from his teacher. He reads everything on how the body moves,on nutrition in order to improve his performance and he visits other people that can help him with his goal: to become better at what he is doing. Meanwhile,he becomes a professor at his art and and he has reached a level where he makes a further step,he creates an idea,that of movement without restrictions with the body and while he presents it to the world he becomes worldwide famous for his idea. This someone ladies and gentlemen is Ido Portal

I am so happy that Fotis writes about me!

I am so happy that Fotis writes about me!

Professor in the Afrobrazilian art of Capoeira and creator of Floreio,an idea where people move through space as they wish while using their hands or legs Ido started his career as a Capoeirista at the age of 16,where he soon became one of the bests in his class. Basic movements,acrobatics,the flow of his game(thats a term for Capoeiristas) were all easy for Ido. At some time he decided to do something that not many Capoeiristas do. He decided to search outside his teachers teachings and he started to study other arts and he even put in his program exercises with the diabolic weights,which you can see in the video reduced his explosiveness and prevented him from jumping longer than a centimeter

This decision not only brought him in contact with things like anatomy,Yoga,paleo nutrition,equilibrium,gymnastics and different training systems but it also allowed him to meat in person a lot of people that were and still are at the top of what they do. He did all these things only in order to become better at what he does and allow his students to improve themselves. Ido is a great example not only for Capoeiristas but also people in general that say “this is how we do it for the last 15 years” or “thats how my teacher used to teach it”. Come on now guys,please. You mean to say that since then,your approach at what you do hasnt changed at all and you just follow a system? I think that you are not 100% successful at what you do…

After some time,when he felt that his approach was really complete(we are talking for many years of personal research and experimentation),he videotaped the following video and all the people that use their bodies in Martial arts,dance,Capoeira,gymnastics they were left with their mouth wide open

Everyone wanted to take a look at what Ido could teach them and so they started calling him. Did you think that Ido decided to rest and stop training at becoming even better,like so many teachers do today? After all,with such an exhibit of strength,how more can he improve? But indeed Ido continued educating himself and improving his approach in training,until one day at July of 2009,we,the poor bastards that could not go to one of Idos seminars,saw the following in his blog:

The Floreio Art

Essentially it was the beginning of what Ido called Floreio and it was introducing his movement system that he created. All those were scientifically proven(dont expect studies on handstands of course) with terms that proved Ido knew what he was talking about. I sincerely appreciate it when someone who is a coach can tell the difference between shoulder(the joint) and the deltoid(muscle) without thinking that its the same thing. With this start,Ido wrote around 20+ articles on Floreio,but unfortunately after that something happened that saddened many of us:

He became so famous that he stopped writing. If someone wants to take a look at his work and approach now he just has to go to one of his seminars throughout the world.

As you understand he is doing REALLY good what he is doing,thats why he is so freacking famous. Ido right now spends little time in his country,since he is constantly moving from country to country in order to teach. Recent photos though show us that even during his seminars ,he still has time to become EVEN better at what he does


Would you like to take a look at his training? Around last summer he posted on Facebook one day of training when he was for some time in his country and I was sincerely impressed:

  • Morning:Snatches,different olympic lifts and handstands
  • Noon:Different acrobatics and variations of floreio
  • Night:Levers,planches and other static movements

Along with all these,he also must have trained Yoga for an hour. The thing is that he trained for a total of 8 HOURS?!?!?!?!?!?! He probably did as much as he could with a movement,then he would digress it,progress it with a harder move and he kept doing that. You are whining that 1 hour of training it too much? Think again next time…

As you understand Ido does not uses a lot of free weights since its not part anymore of his training. Two references that I have found say that he deadlifted 3 times his bodyweight while deadlifting(that must have been 4 years before) and a recent Facebook picture shows him squatting ass to grass 315 on his back. Let me tell you that Ido weights around 155-160 lbs so we are talking about some really respectable numbers since these exercises sometime supplement his training,they are not the sole parts his training

The best ways someone can learn from Ido are the following:

  1. Take a look at his blog and his forum
  2. Search his Youtube page
  3. Browse his site (he also told me that he will update it soon enough!)
  4. Join his page on Facebook
  5. Attend one of his seminars and dive into the wisdom that Ido can offer

Someone can only use his blog and its sure that he will have enough material to use for many months. All those exercises have easier and harder progressions so this makes it easier for someone to advance from there. I would really like to give you some tips like the older “People that inspire me” but this time its not needed,a lot of his work is in the Internet and the seminars,so choose your source and kick ass!

I understand that today I didnt write about someone who simply lifts weights in the form of a barbell or a dumbbell but I believe that he is as awesome as Ross and Jamie simply because he uses his body for so many feats of strength. Strangely enough,all three guys have some things in common and those are:

  • A thirst to become even better
  • Learn even more for the subject they love
  • Dont stay stuck in old systems and techniques,but try to improve them as much as possilbe
  • Inspire guys like me,so that we follow them and learn from them

By closing this article,I would like to give you some more videos of Ido

I hope you enjoyed todays article as much as I have been enjoying Idos work so many years! I also hope I didnt lose writers since I didnt post pictures of booties and boobs and I will try to write once more by the end of the week!

Damn I wanna scratch my back

Damn I wanna scratch my back


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